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You can invest millions in a Tier IV facility, but if the facility is not properly designed, disasters can occur. To prevent the potential of preventable disasters, NISS Design/Construction Management Services provide a comprehensive methodology to optimize the entire build-out process, control costs and provide for complete interoperability and functionality of every aspect of your mission-critical facility.

>> Assessing Needs  

The NISS Design process begins with a preliminary assessment. We evaluate your business objectives, physical requirements, fiscal constraints, and long-term goals. From square footage to redundancy, today's needs to tomorrow's migration, we determine and define the project mission with the future in mind, right from the start.


>> Designed for Deployment  

With almost 25 years of mission-critical infrastructure experience and an uncompromising dedication to customer satisfaction, NISS ensures the smoothest path from design to deployment. NISS doesn't just take into account the day one design of your facility. We design your data center for scalability, resiliency and ongoing optimal maintenance and operations of the facility.


To know more write to us at corporate@niss.in

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