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At NISS, we provide flexible solutions for all your IT needs. We carry extensive stocks of the latest and most up to date technology allowing you to plan and accommodate for different situations. Our rental solutions allow you to acquire today's technology immediately, with an instant upgrade path to avoid you sitting on out of date and obsolete technology.

Renting your system from us gives you greater flexibility to upgrade machines to the latest models, instant swap out of machines in the event of breakdown and tax efficient, cost effective, 100% tax deductible off balance sheet budget planning.

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Renting from NISS can help you to deal with work overload, contract work, training, exhibitions, travel, budget constraints, equipment evaluation and replacing equipment whilst out for repair in an efficient and cost effective manner.

We offer statewide delivery and set-up with rental periods from one day to the week the month and year, allowing you total flexibility to upgrade or downgrade equipment anytime at your convenience.

Many people own computers these days, but there are still those who donít. Computer rental is ideal for people who donít need to use a computer every day but rather only in certain occasions. Many clients use computer rental services when they have left their laptop abroad or have had their computer stolen. We have a range of laptop and desktop pc's available, as well as a full range of Apple Macintosh computers available for computer rental.

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