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NISS remains a trusted telecommunications and technology provider for a number of the country's largest corporate organizations. Our customers include some of India's largest banking, finance, insurance, recruiting, manufacturing and retail organizations. For their office and intra-office communications through to providing and managing their entire networks and network security services, our enterprise customers trust us to provide a full range of communications solutions.

With the ever-increasing requirement of corporations to meet the demands of their shareholders, NISS can offer a total range of solutions to assist clients increase efficiencies and improve profitability.

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Financial Institutions
Corporate / Enterprise
Routing Solutions
Switching Solutions
Initial consulting to designing the most optimal solution.
Supply of computer equipment, communication equipment and Software.
Internet connection, its security plus e-mail
Computer protection & Server protection
Classic and wireless- Wi-Fi Network Connections
Administration & maintenance of supplied products.
Guarantee & post-guarantee services
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