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With the quick development of technologies, extensive application of ASIC chips and network processors, and the large scale prevalence of optical fibers, the Layer 3 switch changes from network edges application to network center application.

The traditional Local Area Network (LAN) switching technology has become the mainstream networking technology for campus network and Metro Area Network (MAN). Under such technology background, the architecture mode of today’s enterprise network basically includes core switches and edge switches. The core devices are two or more high end Layer 3 switches which connect to the middle and low end switches at the network edge with the 1000M fiber as the backbone. The edge switches connect to the desktop system through 10/100M link.

In the enterprise operation mode which relies greatly on the network, how to ensure the network running normally? How to solve the problem quickly? How to extend the network with the extension of services? These all demand the networks of enterprises with high reliability, high management and flexible scalability. NISS continues to supports the relative Business segments offering high end Switching Solutions.

Financial Institutions
Corporate / Enterprise
Routing Solutions
Switching Solutions
Provides guaranteed QOS Need in a Resilient Network.
Ensures Support for Disaster Recovery Management need in a wide spread Campus Network.
Provides High Bandwidth & High availability need in a Corporate Network.
Provides a Secure, Inter-Operable, High Availability need in a Campus Network
Provides Fast Convergence need in a Metro Ethernet Network

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